Digital Clock Screen Saver

Digital Clock Screen Saver 2.0

It can displays a very large glowing digital time display

Are you tired of all those fancy screensavers that offer a clock on the screen but that you can hardly find it? Are you interested more in knowing the right time instead of beautiful graphics?

Digital Clock Screen Saver gives the right time in digital format.

This screensaver will not amaze you with special effects. Nor will it fill your senses with beauty. It's not fantasy, it's not nature. This screensaver is just what its name says: a digital clock.

You will be able to see the familiar green segments that form the numbers in a digital clock. Also, the center colon that flashes every second.
If time is more important to you than beauty, this screensaver will not allow you to miss another appointment. It will stay on the screen forever, displaying the correct time.

You can set the clock to move on the screen, but it does it very slowly. Almost unnoticeable.

Digital Clock Screensaver is completely free. If you want to rely on a clock to give you the right time at all times, then you will enjoy this screensaver.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very visible


  • It does nothing
  • It just tells the time
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